Javali (VR Avatar)

68 ratings
I want this!

Javali (VR Avatar)

68 ratings

Chirp? Chirp.

The Avali are a race of small, raptor-like fluffy aliens from a frozen moon named Avalon. How come there are no Avali models that actually look like raptors, then? Introducing: the Javali, my own personal take on the Avali species. With a sleek and lean body, forward facing eyes, sharp teeth, and four sensitive ears, these are agile predators with a deceptively cute appearance. Boop with caution, you might lose a finger to that toothy grin!

This model includes....

  • Full visemes
  • Multiple dynamic expressions
  • Articulated Digitigrade legs (thank you @DragonSkyRunner!)
  • Optional Plantigrade version
  • FBT and Desktop support
  • Ear twitching when someone tries to pet your ears
  • 3 alternate textures
  • 5 hair (feather?) styles
  • 2 body shape blendshapes (chubby and fem)
  • 2 tail configurations
  • pre-set up scene for easy customization
  • Cozy socks for your lanky bird legs and a hoodie
  • .PSD files for the feathers, hair, and body textures
  • Substance files for all textures

!!!This model does not come with Dynamic Bones, you will have to download it separately if you plan to us it for Chillout VR!!!

You do NOT need to download dynamic bones if you're planning on using VRchat. Physbones (VRchat's version of dynamic bones) is included in their SDK!

Thank you to RyujinZERO for creating the Avali species, and @DragonSkyRunner for the digi leg tutorial

PLEASE NOTE that this avatar is NOT quest compatible!


  1. Make a new Unity (2019.4.31f1) project
  2. Import the VRchat Avatars SDK3 into your new project (You can download it here). It's important to do this before adding your avatar. DO NOT use SDK2!! (If you're using the VRC Creator Companion, you should creature a new project with the most up to date SDK)
  3. Import the most recent Poiyomi package (You can download that here)
  4. Double click the Javali Unity package and import all items
  5. Click the Avali in the scene and customize to your liking(if you don't see any, double click the "Javali templates" scene in the assets folder).
  6. Open the VRC SDK, sign in, build & upload!


You may:

  • Use this avatar in games like NeosVR, VRchat, CVR, etc
  • Use for vtubing and streaming
  • Use for 3d rendering
  • Personally retexture or modify this avatar
  • Take commissions to retexture/modify this avatar or commission others to retexture/modify the avatar (as long as said parties have purchased the files first)
  • Purchase as a gift for someone else
  • Modify this avatar to be a different species
  • Use parts of this model on your own private avatar

You may NOT:

  • Redistribute the assets for this model, modified or original without permission
  • Sell the assets for this model
  • Use the assets for commercial purposes (such as being included in a game or reselling parts of it) without permission
  • Claim ownership over the model
  • Upload public versions of this model or any of its assets (included but not limited to social platforms like NeosVr or VRchat)

Have Issues or Questions?

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I want this!

space chickne :)


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