Snavatar (Snail Avatar) [PC+Quest]

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The latest Snensation (snail sensation)!!

Live your life in the slow lane with this silly, slimy avatar! Nothing matches the joy of being a little garden creature and munching on veggies with your radula. Then curl up in your little shell for a nap. Pick from a variety of skins and shells inspired by real gastropods to create the perfect snuddy (snail buddy)!

Are you tired of the snuns (snail puns) yet?.... I'm not!


  • Unique visemes
  • Many cute expressions
  • Custom AFK animation
  • Works great for FBT, 3PT, and desktop!
  • Eye stalks that react to touch
  • Spiky Tongue (just like the real thing!)
  • 4 lovely shells and a mantle for slugs!
  • 2 body shape adjust sliders
  • 4 different textures
  • 2 Unity packages for Quest and PC
  • Labeled PSD files and .SPP file

Upload Instructions (for PC VRChat)

  1. Open a Unity project (version 2019.4.31f)
  2. Install the VRchat SDK FIRST (download here) (If you're using the VRC Creator Companion, you should creature a new project with the most up to date SDK)
  3. Install the latest version of the Poiyomi Shader (download here)
  4. Install the Snavatar Unity package in your project
  5. Double click the scene file called "Snail setup" in the Snavatar folder
  6. Click on your snail of choice and choose which shell you want from the hierarchy list on the left
  7. log into your VRchat account through the VRC SDK window (available at the top of the Unity window)
  8. Upload your snail!!!!

The process is very similar for setting up a Quest avatar or PC Fallback. For more info check out VRC's documentation

>>>If you only wish to upload for VRchat, you do NOT need to download Physbones externally! It is included with the VRchat SDK!<<<

If you want to upload this model in Chillout VR, you MUST download Dynamic Bones. Here is a tool for converting Physbones to Dynamic Bones


You may:

  • Use this avatar in games like NeosVR, VRchat, CVR, etc
  • Use for vtubing and streaming
  • Use for 3d rendering
  • Personally retexture or modify this avatar
  • Take commissions to retexture/modify this avatar or commission others to retexture/modify the avatar (as long as said parties have purchased the files first)
  • Purchase as a gift for someone else
  • Modify this avatar to be a different species
  • Use parts of this model on your own private avatar

You may NOT:

  • Redistribute the assets for this model, modified or original without permission
  • Sell the assets for this model
  • Use the assets for commercial purposes (such as being included in a game or reselling parts of it) without permission
  • Claim ownership over the model
  • Upload public versions of this model or any of its assets (included but not limited to social platforms like NeosVr or VRchat)

Having trouble? Find any bugs? Want to stay on top of model updates? Join my discord!

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No refunds will be given due to the digital nature of this product

I want this!


Poly count (PC)
18,363 tris (all shells)
Poly Count (Quest)
9,941-10,761 (depends on shell)
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Snavatar (Snail Avatar) [PC+Quest]

9 ratings
I want this!